2017-18 TERM – Version October 6, 2017

A.  ​Board of Directors

​George C. McKinnis, Chair, Bill Zambelli, Secretary, Michael Hymes, Treasurer, Doris Benson, Ralph Dimple, Dan MacDonald, Richard Pink, David Rosensweig, Robert Seabring, Martin Schulman, Nicola Standard, Mary Westmoreland and Stephanie Weston.

​ Notes re the Board of Directors: 

​​(i) The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President of the Club should be standing members of the Board by virtue of their office. All others should be recommended by the Nominating Committee, subject to election by a majority of our members at a Club Assembly. 

​(ii) To make this change permanent, it should be enacted as part of our Bylaws.  Should the Board recommend this to be permanent and enacted as a change to our Bylaws, on due notice and circulation of the change, I will put it to a vote of our members at a Club Assembly.  

​(iii) Committee Chairs that are not on the Board have a member of the Board assigned to them as a Board Liaison that Committee Chairs report to on the progress and activities of their Committees.  In addition, the Board Liaison will offer Board guidance to the Committees Chairs so assigned.  

​Executive Committee of the Board: President McKinnis, Vice President McBride and Immediate Past President Seabring.

​Notes re the Executive Committee:

​(i) The Executive Committee can act in an emergency should a decision of the Board be a necessity before the entire Board can meet; the Executive Committee can also study a matter and present its recommendation to the entire Board.

​(ii) The standing members of the Executive Committee are the President, Vice President and Immediate Past President; 

​(iii) ;.Although the Board voted to create this Executive Committee, it should be codified in our Bylaws. ​​


​1.  ​Membership Acquisition and Admissions - find and bring in new members. 

​Co-Chairs: ​GCMcKinnis and Stephanie Weston
​BOD Liaison: ​George C. McKinnis
​Members: ​Mary Westmoreland, Wright Elliott, David McBride.

​2.  ​Membership Orientation - comprehensive training of new members; sponsor new members to go to District training sessions and conferences.   

​Chair: ​​Mary Westmoreland
​Members: ​Doris Benson, George McKinnis, Bob McGrath

​3.  ​Fund Raising - all fund raising activities.   

​Chair:​​Doris Benson
​Members: ​Lou Maggiotto, Judith Schwartzstein, Nicky Standard, 
​​​Tim McGrath, Joseph Ciccio

​4.  ​District / RI Foundation - arrange with the District and Rotary International for the Club to receive matching funds for our projects, including liaison with the District’s RI Foundation Committee.  

​Chair:  ​​Judith Schwartzstein
​BOD Liaison:​Doris Benson
​Members:  Louis Maggiotto

​5.  ​Programs – arrange programs for our lunch meetings.  

​Chair: ​​Marty Schulman
​BOD Liaison: ​David McBride
​Members: ​All Board Members, John Priesing,  Zena Marshall, ​
​​​ Richard Bower

​6.  ​Domestic Projects – identify, present to the Board and the Club for approval projects that are located in the US.   

​Co-Chairs:  ​Richard Pink and Doris Benson 
​Members:  ​Judith Schwartzstein, David McBride and Nicky Standard

​7.   ​International Projects – identify, present to the Board and the Club for approval and carry out projects that are located outside the US. 

​Chair:  ​​Bob Seabring
​Members: ​Mary Westmoreland, Joel Benoliel and Nicola Standard

​8.  ​Standing Projects –organize and implement Meals on Wheels, Midnight Run and the generation and updating of the Club Directory.   

​​Chair:  ​​Dan MacDonald
​​Members: ​Leland Hanson, Richard Bower

​​8.1​Meals on Wheels (“MOW”) 
​​​Chair: ​Dan McDonald​

​​8.2 ​Midnight Run (“MR”): 
​​​Chair: ​Dan McDonald​​

​9. ​Community Service Award - manage all aspects of our traditional and always successful Community Service Award.  The Board should decide on who should be honored by this award, but the Committee Chair should offer recommendations to the Board through his or her assigned Board member and should have a voice in the selection.  Any decision as to who will receive this award shall be presented to the membership for approval.

​Chair: ​​Richard Pink
Members: ​Gene Blenderman, Leland Hanson, Stephanie Weston, Bill Zambelli, Wright Elliott

​10.  ​Social Events - responsible for lunch and dinner meetings with spouses and guests and special evening meetings with other Clubs.  

​​Chair:  ​​Stephanie Weston
​​BOD Liaison: ​David McBride 
​​Members: ​David Bender, Zena Marshall, Peter Thorp

​11.  ​Nominating Committee - nominate for election new directors and officers.  

​​Chair:  ​​David Rosensweig
​​Members:  ​Ralph Dimpel, John Priesing and Bob McGrath

​12.  ​Legal - Assure that our Club, its officers and board of directors follow applicable law, Roberts Rules of Order, our Constitution and Bylaws and RI regulations.  

​Chair:  ​​David Rosensweig​
​Members: ​Lou Maggiotto and Susan Bloomer

​13.  ​House Committee - responsible for the location of our meetings and the menu and facilities therefore; arrange for meetings at Concordia and Sarah Lawrence and other possible locations; arrangecoverage for the door and the payment table for each meeting, set up each meeting. 

​Chair:​​James Lysaght
​BOD Liaison: ​Richard Pink
​Members:  ​John Fitzgerald, Don Hubert

14. ​Information Services - use of the Internet and Club Runner. 

​Chair:  ​​Marty Schulman
​Members:  ​(We need volunteers who are computer/Internet site savvy. GCM)

​15.  ​District 7230 Liaison - interface between our Club and our Rotary District; attend District 7230 meetings and conferences and report back to the Club what the Committee learned. 

​Chair: ​​Lou Maggiotto
​BOD Liaison: ​George C. McKinnis
​Members: ​Judith Schwartzstein

​16.  ​Advertising and Public Relations - arrange for advertising and public relations events for our Club; draft advertising copy regarding the Club and its projects; enhance our Club’s relationship with our community and with our Rotary District.   

​Chair:  ​​Ellen de Saint Phalle
​BOD Liaison: ​Mary Westmoreland
​Members: ​David Bender, Richard Pink, Judith Schwartzstein, 


​ (i)​ Should you find yourself on a committee that you do not feel comfortable with, either swap with someone on another committee or we will find you a committee that you prefer or, should you wish to be appointed to an additional committee, kindly let me know.

​(ii)​Members of 80 years and above with ten years of service are exempted from the necessity of serving on a committee, although they may serve on any committee that they fancy.  

​(iii) ​To make this committee structure permanent, it should be enacted in our Bylaws.  We will at the end of this term determine if we wish to make these changes permanent.  If the Board recommends an amendment to our Bylaws to enact these changes, on due notice and distribution of the proposed amendment, I will put the amended Bylaws to a vote of the Club at a Club Assembly.

Committee Rules of Operation


1.​Have regular face-to-face Committee meetings.   

​You can do this at our lunch meetings by taking a table solely for your Committee or in any other location of your choice.   Occasional telephone conference calls are appropriate but there is no good substitute for frequent face-to-face meetings.  

2.​All committee decisions should be discussed with the entire Committee membership and for important matters, a vote taken in which the majority shall prevail.   A quorum for a vote should be a majority of the members of the Committee, provided that the members that did not attend knew in advance in writing that a Committee vote would be taken on a stated matter.   

​Once the majority of a Committee agrees upon an activity, those who did not favor the activity should shoulder their share of the responsibility for making the Committee activity a success.  ​

3.​A member of the Club’s Board has been assigned to your Committee as Board liaison, unless the Committee Chair is on the Board. The Committee Chair shall keep the Board Liaison informed of the Committee’s decisions, challenges and prospects.   

​ This is important, as our Board needs to know what your Committee’s prospects and projects are and how they are progressing.   Committee progress is discussed at each Board meeting. 

4.​Committee Projects must be approved by the Board and, if approved by the Board, must be approved by the Club membership by a vote taken at a Club meeting in which there is a quorum of 51% of the Club’s members.  A majority of the attending members shall prevail.  

​This assures that the Club’s membership will aid and support your Committee’s project.  

5.​Committee Projects will be managed and executed by the Committee.

​We regard our Committees as reasonably autonomous in their area of concentration.  This means that Committee members are fully responsible for projects sponsored by their Committee.  

6.​Avoid Conflicts of Interest.

​If in doubt as to whether an activity is a conflict of interest, discuss the potential conflict with your Board Liaison. For example, giving a contract for a Rotary event to a relative would be a conflict of interest or committing an activity that a member of the Committee is personally and previously involved in without the permission of the Board Liaison.  If a Committee Chair is a member of the Board, there will not be a Board liaison.  In that case, the Chair should disclose the potential conflict in writing with the Chair of the Legal Committee.  Keep in mind that an apparent conflict of interest can be as damaging to trust and reputation as an actual conflict of interest.  

7.​Encourage Good Fellowship.

​Fellowship is a key objective of Rotary.  All Rotarians are created equal with the right to pursue and receive good fellowship while performing aid to the needy and the damaged. All members of a Committee should behave in a cordial and friendly manner, particularly when there are differences of opinion.   All of us are volunteers who deserve to and must be treated with cordial respect. 



Committee Assignments


District 7230 Liaison​

David Bender ​Social Events, ​​​​Advertising and Public ​​​Relations,

Joel Benoliel ​International Projects

Doris Benson ​Chair Fund Raising, ​​​Co-Chair Domestic​​​Projects,BOD,​​​​Membership ​​​​Orientation

Gene Blenderman ​Community Service Award

Suzanne Bloomer​ Legal Committee

Richard Bower​Programs, Standing Projects

Joseph Ciccio ​Fund Raising

Ellen De Saint
Phalle​ Chair Advertising and Public ​​Relations

Ralph Dimpel​ Nominating Committee, BOD

Robert Dobbin ​Meals on Wheels 

Wright Elliot ​International Projects, ​Community Service Award

John Fitzgerald​ House Committee,

Leland Hanson ​Standing Projects, Community ​Service Award, 

Donald Hubert ​House Committee

Michael Hymes ​Treasurer, BOD

James Lysaght​ Chair House Committee

Dan McDonald ​Chair Standing Projects, BOD

Louis Maggiotto ​Fund Raising, District/RI ​​Foundation, Legal ​​​Committee, 
​House Committee

Zena Marshall ​Programs, Social ​​​Events

David McBride ​Membership, Domestic ​​Projects, Community ​​​Service Award, BOD, 
​Vice President

Robert McGrath ​Nominating Committee, ​​Membership Orientation

Tim McGrath ​International Projects, ​​​Fund Raising

George McKinnis ​President, Chair of ​​​Board, Executive ​​​Committee of the Board
​Co-Chair Membership and New ​Member Orientation

Richard Pink ​Co-Chair Domestic Projects, Chair ​Community Service Award,​​Advertising and Public ​Relations

John Priesing ​Nominating Committee, ​Programs 

David Rosensweig ​Chair Nominating Committee, ​​Legal Committee, BOD

Chris Satriale ​International Projects

Marty Schulman ​Chair Programs, Chair ​​Information Services, BOD

Judith Schwartzstein ​Fund Raising, Chair District/RI ​Foundation, Domestic ​​Projects,Advertising and ​Public Relations

Bob Seabring​ Chair International Projects, ​BOD, Club Rep to Club ​Foundation Finance C’ee

Nicola Standard​Fund Raising, Domestic Projects

Peter Thorp​Chair Membership, Social Events

Mary Westmoreland ​Chair Membership ​​​Orientation, Membership. ​​Programs, BOD

Stephanie Weston​ Chair Social Events, ​​​Community Service ​​​Award, BOD

Bill Zambelli​ Club Secretary,​​​Community Service ​​​Award, BOD



Not Able to Serve due to relocation, illness or work requirements:

Peter Bertine, Bill Ellinghaus, Charles Rollins, Jim Dhyne, John Kirk and Peter Williamson.