Posted by Martin H. Schulman on Jan 09, 2017


Bronxville Rotary Club Foundation

% Michael Hymes, CPA

55 Pondfield Road

Bronxville, NY 10708


An IRS recognized 501c3 organization



As of June 30, 2018:




Mr. Peter Thorp, Treasurer

Mr. David Rosensweig

Mr Robert Seabring

Mr. Daniel MacDonald

Mr. David McBride


Trustees are elected by the Club Board of Directors to serve a 5 year term of office, with staggered seniority.


Funding of this foundation is not limited nor is it designated for use in any manner other than determined by vote of the Trustees. All expenditures are discussed with the Rotary Club Board before making determinations.


Investment of principal is the responsibility of the Foundation Board of Trustees.




The foundation was created by act of the Rotary club board and the bylaws and charter were written by member Mr. Frank Headley, Esq. Revisions to the Bylaws were passed and enacted in 2011.


The bulk of the principal endowment was granted from the Estate of Rotarian Sven Lundgaard.


Since then, the fund has grown to approximately $160k, through Rotary club member contributions, reinvestment of earnings and fund raising activity.Certain funds are earmarked, restricted to the projects for which the funds have been raised.


The Foundation trust accumulates bequests, donations and proceeds of the Bronxville Rotary Club fund raising functions, and acts to distribute these funds to the appropriate designated recipients of these fundraiser activities.


How can I participate in the BRCF?


As a new Rotarian, you will be asked to become involved in many of our club’s activities. We have projects ongoing in all the Avenues of Service of Rotary.

You are also asked to contribute a small amount along with club dues to help move these projects along financially. These contributions to the BRCF are tax deductible.

Our weekly meetings often are opportunities to recommend fund raising concepts, start matching fund drives, or simply make donations. Additionally, our annual dinner is a source of funding for the major project[s]